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Civil Engineering

HTPO currently offers licensed professional civil engineering services in Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Our civil engineering covers a wide range of topics and services for new construction, reconstruction/redevelopment, and maintenance projects.  This includes typical public works projects such as roadway and utility infrastructure, recreational and other open space settings, and private developments among other categories.  We have experience in all of these areas, and offer individual services for specific elements of each setting.

Our engineers apply their broad-based knowledge and construction expertise to provide clients with project designs that come in on-time and within budget.  

  • // Comprehensive Studies & Feasibility Studies
  • HTPO can assess and plan for broad, system-wide improvements, or analyze the feasibility for specific projects, including sizing, laying out alternative alignments, and estimating costs.

  • // Cost Analysis
  • HTPO has a reputation of accurate cost estimating from concept design through final design.

  • // Utility Design & Coordination
  • HTPO has over 30 years of experience in designing watermain and sanitary sewer systems of all sizes from small building services to large trunk/lines, including lift and pressure reducing stations.  We also provide utility coordination services including identifying, locating, establishing utility company contacts, and planning for avoidance, removal, or relocation of existing utility infrastructure.

  • // Site Planning & Grading Design
  • HTPO can lay out plans for subdivisions, parks, building placement, parking lots, traffic circulation, access, and other related projects, as well as provide grading design for both urban and rural projects.

  • // Stormwater Management
  • HTPO has water resource specialists on staff to design stormwater management systems and Best Management Practices of all sizes for both urban and rural settings.

  • // Traffic Control Plans
  • HTPO can prepare temporary and permanent traffic control plans for various project types.  

  • // Inventories, Inspections & Monitoring
  • HTPO can provide infrastructure and natural resources inventories; inspect utilities and pavements to assess condition; and monitor stormwater components and erosion control to meet agency requirements. 

  • // Site Evaluation & Due Diligence
  • HTPO has the expertise to provide upfront research and evaluation of potential development/redevelopment sites to help land owners and developers make sound land use decisions.

  • // Street & Roadway Design (Including Trails & Walks)
  • HTPO has over 30 years of experience in designing roadways ranging from new streets to pavement rehabilitation and geometric modifications. We also provide design of pedestrian sidewalks and multi-use trails.

  • // Erosion Control & SWPPP Design
  • HTPO can prepare plans for preventing erosion and controlling sediment along with preparing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).  HTPO has certified SWPPP designers on staff.

  • // Permitting
  • HTPO can guide owners through the application necessary for agency approvals and permits for their projects. 

  • // QA / QC
  • HTPO can provide quality control reviews for your projects including technical and constructability reviews. 

  • // Bid Administration
  • HTPO can help guide clients through the bid process and assist in administration.

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