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Land Surveying

Since 1980, HTPO has offered a broad range of surveying services to both public and private sector clients in the Midwest and beyond.

We are licensed land surveyors in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our development expertise, construction knowledge, and responsiveness assist our clients in delivering successful projects. HTPO is well respected in the industry for offering a plethora of survey services from boundary and topographic, ALTA, and right-of-way surveys to legal descriptions, platting, construction staking, as-builts, and more.

  • // Boundary & Topographic Surveys
  • Boundary and topographic surveys are important in establishing property lines and identifying land features such as hills, ravines, wetlands, stormwater features, underground utility lines, and buildings. These surveys are critical for owners, architects and engineers as they determine where improvements are to be placed on the property. Construction and land development projects rely on precise survey data in order to improve properties.

  • // Plats
  • A plat is a land survey that creates new land parcels, rights-of-way and easements. HTPO is well-respected in the industry in preparing lot splits and preliminary and final plats.  We are experts at navigating owners through the platting and replatting process with cities and county recording entities.

  • // Legal Descriptions
  • HTPO's survey department is well-versed in preparing legal descriptions for all types of projects.  HTPO provides accurate legal information to owners and consultants upfront, to ultimately avoid title issues, and costly legal expenses.

  • // Large Area Coordinate Systems / Aerial Photo Control
  • Geodetic systems are coordinate systems and sets of reference points used to locate places or objects.  HTPO has the capabilities, experience, and equipment to perform these services.

  • // Utility Mapping
  • HTPO surveyors assist owners and work with utility companies in identifying the geographic location of utility infrastructure for various purposes. These inventories may consist of stormwater, water, and sewer system, along with natural gas, petroleum, electric and communication lines.

  • // As-Built Surveys
  • As-built surveys record the location of improvements post-construction.  As-built surveys are required for many residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects, and are important for future planning and maintenance.  HTPO has performed thousands of as-built surveys for public and private clients over the years.

  • // ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
  • Land title surveys are necessary for owners, title companies, and financial institutions prior to closing real estate transactions. ALTA surveys depict boundaries, site improvements, easements, encumbrances, right-of-way, and other issues that impact land ownership. HTPO has performed thousands of ALTA surveys for various clients throughout the Midwest.

  • // Rights-of-Way & Easements
  • HTPO is an industry leader in providing right-of-way and easement project support for public and private clients. HTPO works extensively with municipal, state and regional governments preparing legal descriptions and exhibits for easement and fee title acquisitions.  HTPO also works with government agencies in relocation and condemnation efforts.

  • // Tree Inventories
  • Tree inventories assist cities, owners, and developers as they assess property and building improvement projects.  HTPO has a landscape architect on staff to provide expertise in tree and plant species inventories. Public agencies often require tree inventories be performed as a part of the development process, in an effort to design environmentally sensitive projects. 

  • // Common Interest Communities (CIC's)
  • HTPO performs Common Interest Community (CIC) surveys for residential and commercial properties.  CIC's typically include condominiums and planned communities, and are created through a legal set of documents.  HTPO surveyors measure the units, prepare these plats for the owner, and can assist with filing them with the County Recorder.

  • // Construction Surveying
  • HTPO has tremendous experience in construction staking for all types of construction, from public infrastructure to commercial, industrial, institutional, and beyond. Our responsiveness and construction knowledge has a direct correlation to timely project completion and budget. Builders rely on our accuracy and reliability for foundations, walls, columns, parking, utilities, and more to ensure the project is built according to plan.

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