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Landscape Architecture

HTPO offers licensed landscape architecture services to private and public clients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.  


In our approach, we strive to gain a big picture understanding which informs the details of each unique site. We balance different solutions with the functional and ecological needs of the site to produce a final design that meets the diverse needs and goals of your project.

Our background in site design is backed up by experience and a strong user perspective. We will add a level of detail and awareness of scale that considers pedestrian flow, maintenance, constructability, and aesthetics. This melding of form and function is what creates a pleasing design.


We aspire to produce collaboratively developed, quality design solutions that are functional, intuitive, engaging, and resilient.

  • // Planting Plans, Tree & Understory Selection
  • We can provide landscape plans and planting designs for a diversity of projects to highlight architecture, provide visual and sound buffer, and to help mitigate security concerns with local code requirements in mind. 

  • // Construction Administration & Observation
  • We can provide landscape related project oversight and observation, conducting project walk throughs, planting evaluations, punch lists, and record drawings.

  • // Presentation Drawings & Illustrative Graphics
  • We use the latest software to produce quality graphics and illustrations that bring your project to life. These can be used for visualization purposes in the concept design phase or in the approvals process. We can provide graphics for grant funding, community engagement, or publications, and will work with you to develop graphics that suit your project's specific goals.

  • // Construction Documents & Specifications
  • We take pride in detailed construction documents and specifications, putting emphasis on a thorough quality control process to minimize errors and keep construction schedules on track and within budget. We will produce cost estimates to help ensure your project stays within budget.

  • // Multi-Use Trail Design
  • Our staff are active users of local and regional trails, which helps us approach trail projects as the user would, seeing the value in maximizing experiences through views, habitat, and unique design features. We will work with the site’s topography to develop accessible community trail projects.

  • // Native Prairie & Lakeshore Restoration
  • Our appreciation and knowledge of Minnesota's native plants will add textural and seasonal interest to your site. The benefits of native plants include lowering irrigation costs, erosion and sediment control, and the enhancement of pollinator and wildlife habitat. We offer sound solutions to mitigate shoreline erosion and protect water quality through tailored lakeshore restoration practices.

  • // Tree & Plant Identification & Assessments
  • HTPO’s landscape architecture department can identify and evaluate existing trees and plants on your property. We can assist with reviewing city code requirements to assess how your project will be impacted.

  • // Site Planning & Feasibility Studies
  • Do you have questions about fit plans or site feasibility? We will collaborate and research for you to help get your project off the ground. We have experience with many types of public and commercial projects, including retail, multi-family housing, single-family subdivisions, schools, parks, trails, municipal infrastructure, industrial warehouses, and mixed-use planning. We are also capable of providing large scale master planning services. 

  • // Park & Recreation Facility Design
  • From simple drainage improvements to master planning, we assist with the layout, design, and development of park and recreation facilities, neighborhood and community parks, and amphitheaters with the users and community in mind.

  • // Placemaking & Public Art
  • We design comfortable spaces that people want to be in; from outdoor courtyards and school entry plazas to amenity-filled gathering spaces, we will design functional and creative spaces to suit your project. We enjoy collaborating with local artists through the creative process to bring unique ideas into built form.

  • // Public Process & Community Engagement
  • We can lead and attend community meetings to be involved in the public approvals process, help facilitate public awareness, and assist with community engagement efforts.

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