Elevating Spaces, Enriching Experiences at Eagle Lake Golf Course!

Elevating Spaces, Enriching Experiences at Eagle Lake Golf Course!

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent civil engineering project at Three Rivers Park District's Eagle Lake Golf Course!

Project Highlights:

Plaza Update: The plaza has been enhanced with newly laid concrete, crafting a welcoming space free from tripping hazards associated with broken concrete. The plaza seamlessly serves as a central hub for the beginning and end of your golfing experience.  Moreover, the updated curbs and sidewalks ensure accessibility for all patrons, aligning with ADA standards and enhancing the overall welcoming atmosphere.

Parking Lot Overhaul: The parking area has undergone renovation, addressing pavement, curbs, and ADA parking spaces to ensure convenience for all visitors. Offering ample space and smooth traffic flow, your golf experience begins the moment you park.

Trail Repair: Explore the beauty of Eagle Lake Golf Course and surrounding areas through the improved Three Rivers Park Regional trail. The Regional Trail, which traverses the golf course, has undergone rejuvenation with new pavement and crosswalks now meeting ADA standards for enhanced accessibility and safety.

ADA Improvements: Inclusivity is key! Our project prioritized Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enhancements, making the entire facility accessible. Enjoy the golf course with ease and comfort.


Expertise: Backed by years of experience, our team of civil engineers, surveyors, and construction inspectors brought innovation and precision to every aspect of the project.

Community-Centric Approach: We understand the importance of community spaces. Our designs are not just functional but are crafted to enhance the overall experience for residents and visitors alike.


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HTPO had an amazing time at the American Public Works Association - Minnesota Chapter Fall Conference hosted at the Mystic Lake Center in Prior Lake as both attendees and exhibitors! With 500 attendees and 54 vendors, including 140 exhibit booth staff, the annual event was a great success!  

Photo Credit:

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City of Victoria Outdoor Pickleball Courts

We are thrilled to share a recent project as part of our goal to enhance communities through innovative civil engineering solutions. At HTPO, we take pride in our commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into areas of leisure, exercise, and camaraderie. Today, we are excited to present our latest project: the City of Victoria's eight new Pickleball Courts at Diethelm Park, situated behind the Victoria Recreation Center.

Pickleball, a fast-paced racquet sport, has taken the nation by storm, and the City of Victoria is no exception. Recognizing the passion of its residents, the City decided to invest in dedicated pickleball courts, providing a safe and enjoyable space for players of all ages and skill levels.

HTPO worked closely with the City of Victoria and engaged with the local pickleball community to ensure that the project met their unique needs and expectations. With paving on three sides and a wetland on the other, an eight-court facility was placed into the tight site. Once the fencing was placed, it looked as if it had been there all along as the grades were meshed in all around. The court lighting is on a timer system, allowing the courts to extend game time well into the evenings. A shaded seating area for spectators was also built next to the courts.

If you have any questions about the Victoria Pickleball Courts project or would like to explore how HTPO can elevate your community's recreational spaces, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help! Visit the HTPO website at and the City of Victoria at


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HTPO Survey Work at Minnesota State Office Building

HTPO is pleased to be involved with the renovation of the Minnesota State Office Building, we are providing Land Survey services for the project. The much overdue renovation will address a range of issues, including upgrades to outdated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as adding improvements to accessibility, safety and security, and will modernize the building's design and functionality to serve the needs of our elected officials far into the future.

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Mendota Heights Truck Station Building

With some of Minnesota’s finest snow plow vehicles calling it home, HTPO is finishing up a building addition for MNDOT in Mendota Heights. Perhaps it will be home to the famously named ‘Betty White-Out’, ‘Blizzo’ or ‘Blader Tot Hotdish’.

HTPO is collaborating with Kodet Architectural Group to provide design development, topographic surveying, and construction documents for construction of a warm storage building, a truck washing building, and an addition to the existing repair shop. Design work included grading, utilities, stormwater management, parking lot reconstruction, new sidewalk connections, and landscaping.

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New Survey Manager

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Welcoming our new Leadership


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Martin Drive Sidewalk Begins Construction

Martin Drive Sidewalk in Eden Prairie has broken ground for construction. HTPO served as the consultant for the Civil Engineering on this project, producing the construction documentation and managing bid administration for the addition of a 5’ sidewalk and boulevard and driveway reconstructions throughout the corridor. Our safety coordinator and inspector, Mitch Joyce, has been onsite since construction began in mid-July and tracking the progress.

Work is well underway with the addition of ADA pedestrian ramps at intersections, new and improved crossings, and driveway aprons for private businesses along the road. With this being a heavy commercial district, there are many underground utilities that lay within the construction limits. HTPO worked with utility companies, the City of Eden Prairie, area businesses, and the contractor to ensure utilities were moved and adjusted when needed to allow for a smooth construction process.

We look forward to seeing the finished project!

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Bill Delaney's Home Pollinator Garden Takes Shape!

Our Landscape Architecture lead, Bill Delaney, has been busy establishing a native pollinator garden at his home this summer. With the recent warm weather, a little weeding, watering, and a hefty rabbit-proof fence, Bill is already seeing results! With roughly 40 different plant species in his new garden, Bill has noticed an influx of Bees and Monarch Butterflies visiting his yard. We are excited to see how Bill’s expertise put into action turns out long term!

If you are curious and would like to learn more about Bill’s plant list, you can leave a comment below  or send Bill a message at

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HTPO Welcomes Landscape Architect Bill Delaney

Earlier this spring HTPO welcomed Landscape Architect Bill Delaney to the team! Bill brings over 28 years of diverse landscape experience to his new role. His career has focused on developing balanced spaces for people, facilities, and nature, with the belief that understanding a site’s use and function, balanced with a sense of  flow and creativity, make a good design.

Outside of work Bill enjoys DIY home improvements and all silent sports, especially paddling the Chain of Lakes. A lover of the outdoors, Bill is always looking to gain more plant knowledge, as pictured below with a pollinator garden he recently installed at his home. He credits his outside interests for informing his professional work.

Bill would welcome a discussion of your project over a coffee, paddle, or both! Please help us in welcoming Bill to HTPO!


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Earth Day 2021

April 22nd, 2021 was the 51st celebration of Earth Day! HTPO staff ventured out to Pheasant Woods Park in Eden Prairie to participate in the yearly cleanup – not even the clouds could keep us away! Thank you to our team members who took part in this important event!






To learn more about the Earth Day movement and what you can do in your area (any day of the week), visit

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Renewing Community Connections to Historical Waterway in Saint Paul, MN

Over the last year HTPO has had the opportunity to work with Capitol Region Watershed District in collaboration with the Lower Phalen Creek Project as they pursue plans to daylight the historic path of Phalen Creek in St. Paul. Our Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture team was tasked with providing a detailed feasibility study based on previously gathered data, community input, and in conjunction with Rush Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plans for improvements to the Phalen Boulevard transit corridor.

Over the course of the project, we attended virtual meetings with project partners and stakeholders, conducted virtual work sessions, and held meetings to progress our study. After assessing the overlap of adjacent private property, commercial and industrial lots, and public right of ways, our team developed recommendations for buried pipe alignments, a daylighted creek channel, stormwater BMP design, locations for programmable areas and community gathering spaces, and wayfinding along the Bruce Vento Trail.


We would like to thank our primary client, Capitol Region Watershed District, as well as the Lower Phalen Creek Project, Rush Line BRT, Ramsey County, and the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District for their guidance and input as we navigated this unique scope. We look forward to the advancement of this project and its potential to support community connections to the historic landscapes and waterways of Saint Paul.

To learn more about the Lower Phalen Creek Project, Phalen Creek’s history, and ongoing daylighting efforts, visit

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HTPO Employees Mark Milestone Work Anniversaries in 2021

We would like t​o congratulate some of our wonderful employees who celebrate milestone work anniversaries with HTPO this year.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and for being all around great co-workers!

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HTPO Celebrates 40th Anniversary

This month, Hansen Thorp Pellinen Olson, Inc. celebrates its 40th Anniversary! Over the last forty years we have enjoyed providing our clients with quality services in Engineering, Surveying, Landscape Architecture, and Construction Management. This month, we celebrate the hardworking and dedicated people who have made this company what it is today.

 Office Picnic

Office Ladies of the 1980s

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Minnesota Water Resource Conference

We recognize that staying informed is essential to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions to produce high quality work. Last week, HTPO staff attended the Minnesota Water Resource Conference, held virtually this year, and covered a variety of topics from storm and surface water planning and management to water contamination and prevention. Highlights centered on the future of water management strategies, including climate change, cattail harvesting, and the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in monitoring processes. As technology and systems continue to expand into our line of work and with water quality being top of mind, HTPO is excited to continue exploring new ways of working towards integrated and responsive project outcomes that consider the water resources of Minnesota! 

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Visual Accessibility

At HTPO, we are fortunate to work with a variety of clients on projects that reach an even wider range of user groups, ranging from stakeholders to diverse communities and individuals.  We see this as a valuable opportunity to create materials that are engaging and equitable, allowing all users to visualize the projects we develop and design. In recent months, we have been developing standards for visually accessible graphics that we hope to eventually incorporate office wide, on our website and other platforms so that all audiences can access our designs and projects.

Recently when creating the concept plan for site improvements at a Minneapolis park (right), we used a simple, contrasting color palette overlaid with textures to help represent key project details. Beyond considerations to color, texture, and size, we aimed to create a graphic that would be legible to community members who speak/read English as a second language, relying on icons and color to convey the improvements without text.

We are excited to share our progress as we continue to build our resources for visual accessibility, promoting legibility and utility across our company. As we continue to explore additional tools for navigating our website and resources, we hope that you will share your thoughts and feedback with us! 

What to know about creating graphics for individuals with visual impairments and color-blindness:
  • There are three categories of and seven types of color blindness:
    • Red-green (Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly, Protanopia and Deuteranopia) makes distinguishing between red and green difficult.
    • Blue-yellow Color Blindness (Tritanomaly and Tritanopia) makes it difficult to tell the difference between blues and greens, and between yellows and reds.
    • Complete color blindness is the condition where someone cannot see color at all and sees in a spectrum of greys.
  • Some color blindness can be corrected with prescription glasses, contacts, or other visual aids like phone, tablet, or computer applications to help with color differentiation. While color blindness effects all individuals differently, it most commonly impacts three areas:
    • Makes it hard to distinguish the difference between colors
    • Effects the brightness or vibrance of colors
    • Makes telling difference between shades of colors difficult
  • When creating content there are a few basic principles that can be followed to promote visual equity:
    • Provide more space between lines of text
    • Reduce visual clutter
    • Clear labels that are large enough to read
    • Contrast between text and background (i.e. avoid colors that could appear the same to someone who is visually impaired, like red and green or yellows and reds.)
    • Utilize patterns or textures to differentiate between colors
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Lucy Craft Laney Community School Block Realm Improvement Plan

The Lucy Craft Laney Community School, located in North Minneapolis is named after pioneer educator, Lucy Craft Laney (1854-1933), and serves approximately 500 children ranging in age from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. HTPO worked with Hennepin County Community Works to deliver a block realm improvement plan for the school’s entry and pedestrian access improvements within the vicinity of Penn Avenue North. Our scope of work included meetings and engagement initiatives, development of preliminary concepts, refinement and finalization of a preferred concept, and an estimate of costs.

The plan considered concurrent projects that will take place on or adjacent to the school’s grounds in 2020, including renovations to the school’s safe and secure entry, installation of new street lighting and boulevard trees, updates to the pedestrian crosswalks and school signage, and curb extensions north and south of the school. Some of the challenges that the school currently faces relate to safety, user and maintenance issues, as the school sits adjacent to Penn Avenue North, a busy North-South transit corridor. Bearing these considerations in mind, the design sought to create safe and flexible spaces to be enjoyed throughout the year while easing current maintenance concerns.

HTPO developed design strategies based on feedback gathered from Lucy Laney School students at an engagement session in the Fall of 2019. Additional feedback was gathered from school faculty and staff, based on their observations, needs, and concerns. Six conceptual designs were presented at a meeting in late 2019, where several key design components were evaluated and selected. Sidewalks would be expanded between 6- and 12-feet, allowing room for a tree boulevard along Penn Avenue and improving ease of access along pathways leading to the school. The front entry plaza was re-envisioned to maintain a safe sense of place for staff, students, and parents by incorporating low maintenance plantings, creating a direct, accessible route from the visitor parking lot, increasing seating options and spaces to congregate, and providing a school display area, while integrating Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines.

The preferred concept design was developed and presented to Hennepin County Community Works, Minneapolis Public Schools, and School staff in January 2020. HTPO then concluded the scope of work in late February 2020 with the submittal of a document summarizing the project process including input and feedback received, and preliminary and final design concepts. Construction for this improvement project is intended to begin in the summer of 2020.

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"Shared Spaces - Designed with Community in Mind" - HTPO's feature in the MRPA's MINNESOTA Magazine

The Minnesota Recreation and Park Association’s MINNESOTA magazine recently featured the City of Eden Prairie and HTPO’s work at Staring Lake Park in their Spring 2020 issue! This feature, titled “Shared Spaces – Designed with Community in Mind”, focuses on the unique aspects of a variety of community gathering spaces in the Twin Cities area and the benefits they provide to the public.

 At HTPO, we take pride in offering a wide spectrum of design services that address the diverse needs and goals of the communities we serve. We integrate community feedback to help inform our design process to create spaces that connect us to the outdoors and to one another.  Check out the article here to learn more about how we design with communities in mind!

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Celebrating Earth Day 2020

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day we typically mark to take care of our planet. As part of our contribution to celebrate this event, HTPO staff and families partook in our second annual
Park Clean-Up Day in Eden Prairie this past weekend.  We picked up trash and debris in Edenbrook Conservation Area, which spans over 230 acres!

We followed the CDC guidelines and the City of Eden Prairie's recommendations regarding safety and social distancing, but paused to take a group photo to commemorate the day - such a beautiful day to be outside and help the earth!

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Glen Lake Children’s Camp Historical Stone Memorial Repairs

Paul Thorp - the Thorp in Hansen Thorp Pellinen Olson, Inc. (HTPO) – has many passions, one of which includes volunteer work with the Eden Prairie Historical Society.  Most recently Paul took a personal approach and great enjoyment in repairing the Glen Lake Children’s Camp stone monument memorial.  Over decades of exposure to the elements, the memorial’s engraved inscription became faded; Paul meticulously hand-stained each engraved letter this year, bringing back its original luster.  The restoration was a joint effort by the Eden Prairie Community Foundation, Eden Prairie Heritage Preservation Commission and Eden Prairie Historical Society. 

Glen Lake Children’s Camp, was a facility for children diagnosed or exposed to tuberculosis until it was closed in 1950 after antibiotic treatments for the disease were discovered.  Currently, portions of the property are on the National Register of Historic Places and the facility is operated by True Friends as Camp Eden Wood, a camp that serves people with physical, developmental and learning disabilities.

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Thank you from Short or Tall Eatery & Drink Hall

Hansen Thorp Pellinen Olson, Inc. (HTPO) had the pleasure of providing land surveying, site civil and landscape architectural design services, with Studio M Architects, Inc. as the architect, for the Short or Tall Eatery & Drink Hall, which recently opened its doors in Rogers, MN. At the open house event, the Owner thanked Laurie Johnson and HTPO for believing in him and assisting in bringing this project and small business to life. Short or Tall has 80 taps of craft beer, fine wine, and signature drinks and boasts an interesting environment including a year-round heated patio! It is featured in the StarTribune's list of 16 new Twin Cities restaurants.

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HTPO to exhibit at 2018 MN Transportation Conference in Mankato!

HTPO will be attending and exhibiting at the MN Transportation Conference in Mankato on Feb 28-March 1st.   

Look for us and please stop by our booth to say hi!


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HTPO to exhibit at upcoming Economic Development Association of MN (EDAM) Winter Conference!

HTPO will be exhibiting at the upcoming EDAM Winter Conference at the Doubletree Hotel on January 18-19.

Please stop by our booth to visit!

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